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The Debt Relief Program

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The DRC program is tailored to meet your debt relief goals and help you achieve financial freedom. You always come first and your success in the debt relief program is our top priority!


First, one of our financial consultants will provide you with a free analysis of your current financial situation and custom design a solution best suited to your specific needs.

The goal of this initial meeting is simply to determine what your personal finances look like and how we can improve upon them. The analysis is 100% free and includes budgeting, an income and expense evaluation and how best to improve your monthly cash flow. 

Calling is risk-free and you are never under an obligation to move forward with any debt relief options provided. 

Schedule your free debt consultation and analysis now to find out why we have the best debt relief program in the US.


Our debt relief program is the industry's most strategic approach to negotiating with your creditors. Whether you are looking for immediate payment relief or just trying to aggressively pay off all your credit card debt in 24-48 months, we can help! Our professional negotiators will work with your credit card companies to reduce the total amount of principal owed on your unsecured debt. In order to lower the amount of money you owe and save you the most money each month; we will map out the best course of action for you to achieve financial freedom ASAP. There are never any up-front costs and you will never pay fees until your debts are successfully resolved.


The Debt Relief Company is a family and rest assured when you join our family you will have one main point of contact throughout the course of your program. You won't have to worry about speaking to multiple agents and dealing with different case numbers. Accountability is and always will be a major priority for us and you should expect nothing less than first class customer service throughout your journey into debt freedom.

Once you've decided on which option best suits your financial future, we open a FDIC insured trusted account for you in which you maintain full control and can access throughout the course of the debt relief program. During this part of the program, funds accrue in the trust account and you are free to kickback and let us do what we do best — save you tremendous amounts of money and help alleviate your financial burdens.

As you progress through the program we will renegotiate new payback terms with your creditors by using your consolidated monthly payment to resolve your debt for less. We will then reach out to inform you about the principal reduction we acquired and the terms of settlement. After which, you let us know if you are satisfied with the new payback terms on your credit card debt and if you want to accept the resolution.  Once it's setup, your credit card companies will receive a new restructured payment and you are free to reap the savings from principal reduction. This is how the debt relief program works. It's really that easy!

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