Alternative Debt Relief Options

With a Debt Consolidation option, you receive a single (and presumably larger) loan to pay off all your smaller debt obligations (credit cards, etc.) With this option you are left with one consolidated monthly payment as opposed to multiple smaller payments.

With a Debt Management Plan, you are working with creditors to bring your accounts current, lower your interest rates and eliminate fees. In doing so, the goal is to eliminate credit card debt faster than you would have been able to otherwise by paying more towards principal.

With Bankruptcy, whether it is a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you are essentially liquidating or reorganizing assets in order to pay off some debts and absolve yourself of any other possible debts. Since 2005 federal bankruptcy guidelines have changed significantly.

There are many secured options to consolidate & pay off your debt. The most common options are refinancing your house, getting a second mortgage or using a home equity line of credit. All of these options involve collateralizing a current asset you own. 


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Please note that all calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes*

The Debt Relief Company is not a lender and does not assume the responsibility of a consumer's debt obligations. Clients that enroll in the debt relief program with The Debt Relief Company and make all monthly payments in a timely fashion pay approximately 65%-70% of the enrolled debt amount (including all fees and associated costs). These figures are based on conservative estimates and The Debt Relief Company's servicing fee of 20% of the enrolled debt amount. Available program terms range from 12-48 months. Not all clients who enroll with The Debt Relief Company will complete The DRC program. The Debt Relief Company cannot guarantee percentage reductions for our debt resolution services and the timeframe in which they are achieved. The Debt Relief Company does not provide clients with legal, tax, bankruptcy, accounting or investment advice. The use of our debt relief services and your participation in the debt relief program will likely affect your credit worthiness. We do our best to provide clients with realistic and conservative financial goals, however if you miss program payments it will likely impact your ability to become debt free and pay off your credit card accounts within the estimated timeframe.

The Debt Relief Company Program is not available in all states across the United States and some debt accounts are not eligible to be included in The DRC program.

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