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Do I Qualify For Debt Relief?

The minimum threshold to qualify for The DRC Program is $7,500 in qualifying unsecured debt.

Qualifying Debts Include:

  • Credit Card Debt

  • Personal Loans

  • Unsecured Lines of Credit

  • Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans

  • Medical Bills

  • Collections & Arrears

There are no credit requirements, so bad credit is okay! 

Absolutely No Upfront Costs!


Regardless of the interest rate on your credit cards, we can help you save money on your debt.

Inquire below to become debt free in 12-48 months or less.

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The Debt Relief Company

What makes us the better debt relief company? It's simple really.


We charge zero upfront costs! We out-perform our peers in terms of all saving metrics, we charge less in fees than every other major debt settlement company and we have the most outstanding customer service in the United States. Mix all that in with industry leading debt consultants, highly experienced negotiators and people-first customer service and you get the best debt relief company.

Our Company strives to provide the best debt relief program in the financial services industry. However, more than this, our ultimate goal is to assist struggling Americans better manage their revolving debt obligations and raise financial awareness for the general public in the United States of America. 


A wise man once said, you get an education to land a 9 to 5 but you get a financial education to quit your 9 to 5. We believe, truer words have not been spoken. With that in mind, our secondary goal as a debt relief organization is to help keep our clients get out of debt and set them up for financial success in the years to come.

Time and time again, our results show that we consistently under promise and overdeliver.


Being able to save you as much money as possible is one of the great benefits associated with our line of business—and we are really good at it! 


We make your transition from making high credit card minimum payments to saving money, each and every month with your personalized credit card consolidation program, as seamless as possible. 


To see how much money you can start saving this month, please feel free to contact us at 888-344-0214. We would love the opportunity to help you become debt free and show you why we really are the best debt relief company!

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Jim T.

They are life savers! I've been stress free ever since I started The DRC program and will be debt free in 24 months.

Nicole S.

They are by far the best debt relief company around! My financial consultant is awesome and helps me out with more than just my credit card debt and the 36 month debt relief program I started. So glad I found you guys and thank you for going above and beyond what I expected this to be!

Lauren W.

Very Professional and extremely helpful. My consultant is always available to answer questions and manages to make me feel better about what used to be a not so good situation.

Why Chose Us Over Other

Debt Relief Companies?

Most debt relief companies in the industry today have taken an exceedingly short-term approach in helping consumers become debt free and pay down their credit card debt. These companies tend to go for the low hanging fruit and easy settlement opportunities during the beginning of their consolidation program.


Why do they do this?


Well first, it allows them to charge you fees sooner rather than later. Second, it portrays a semblance of aptitude and gives customers the impression that they are doing a good job. However, it really is just a ruse.


When other debt relief companies provide clients with this seemingly great win, it is very short-lived and in the long term it actually causes customers to pay more to eliminate their debt.

We're different. 


When you enroll in our debt relief program we will never go for the “easy win” just because it makes us look more valuable in the short term. So you can take back control from credit card debt for good and regain your financial health.


This is why, we always provide a full financial analysis of your current situation and pay off the accounts that are the highest priority first, not the easy ones.

Unlike many other debt settlement firms in the industry, we have no problem deferring fees for individuals in serious financial hardship, especially if it's for the betterment of your personal finances and your future success in The DRC Program.


You always come first, not fees! That is The Debt Relief Company promise.

We also charge less than every other major debt help company in the US. Moreover, our ability to charge fees is contingent upon your success in the debt relief program.


So, if you do not see substantial savings from our debt resolution services we will not charge you a dime. Your success is linked with ours and due to this, we are highly incentivized to save you as much money as possible. 

Every financial consultant you speak with at the Debt Relief Co has experience negotiating credit card debt — so we are all qualified experts in helping you pay off your credit card debt.


We are never lacking in accountability or transparency. The DRC will never refer you to multiple departments or pass the buck to someone else. Your debt consultant will remain your first and main point of contact and act as your financial lifeline throughout the course of the DRC program. 

We are "The Debt Relief Company" not just another debt relief company. Our name and reputation mean the world to us and we take the utmost pride in providing you with preeminent customer service and tremendous savings from our debt consolidation options.


We genuinely care about your overall well-being and have designed a service that reflects that. The DRC Program places your financial interests first and was built to help you stay debt free—even after you successfully complete the program. 

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How Does The Debt Relief Program Work?

The DRC Program is the industry's most strategic approach to negotiating with your individual creditors in order to lower the principal amount that you owe on your debt. By leveraging our existing relationships with creditors and through a bit of hardball negotiating we are able to provide our clients with the credit card debt relief most so desperately need.


In doing so, we are able to provide immediate monthly payment relief to all our clients and achieve a principal reduction in the amount owed to their banks. This is the general idea of how our credit card consolidation program works. 

Our skilled and highly experience debt negotiators go to bat for you in order to reach better payback terms on your credit obligations and personal loan debt.


Once a resolution on one of your accounts is reached we will contact you to get your approval and authorization to proceed in setting up a new repayment.

We work for you — not the banks!


Your success and completion of the consolidation program is always our top priority. We will always keep you reasonably informed of any significant progress and updates throughout the course of the program, so you are always in the know and are never left in the dark. 

During the debt relief program, we consolidate all your credit card accounts and unsecured debts into one easy monthly payment which goes into an account dedicated to paying down your debt. The dedicated account is under your full control and you retain access of it throughout the course of your debt repayment plan.


With one consolidated monthly payment, you won't have to worry about making multiple payments on all your credit card accounts and are free to sit back and let us do what we do best -- help you pay off all your debt within a 1 to 4 year timeframe. 


This is how our debt relief options provide you with immediate payment relief and allow you to stop making minimum payments on your high interest bills.

You are not required to do anything besides make your monthly consolidation payment and approve the debt resolution and payback terms we achieve with your creditors. 


We provide all the heavy lifting — so you are free to kick back, start living debt free and worry about the things that actually matter!


There are no credit requirements. You do not need to have a particular credit score to qualify and bad credit is okay! 


You are more than your credit.


Our mission is to save you as much as money as possible and get you out of debt as quickly as possible. All consultations are free of charge and asking for financial help never hurts, so if you have questions please don't hesitate to call or check out our FAQs.


99 Wall Street #725, New York, NY 10005, United States

(888) 344-0214

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Please note that all calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes*

The Debt Relief Company is not a lender and does not assume the responsibility of a consumer's debt obligations. Clients that enroll in the debt relief program with The Debt Relief Company and make all monthly payments in a timely fashion pay approximately 65%-70% of the enrolled debt amount (including all fees and associated costs). These figures are based on conservative estimates and The Debt Relief Company's servicing fee of 20% of the enrolled debt amount. Available program terms range from 12-48 months. Not all clients who enroll with The Debt Relief Company will complete The DRC program. The Debt Relief Company cannot guarantee percentage reductions for our debt resolution services and the timeframe in which they are achieved. The Debt Relief Company does not provide clients with legal, tax, bankruptcy, accounting or investment advice. The use of our debt relief services and your participation in the debt relief program will likely affect your credit worthiness. We do our best to provide clients with realistic and conservative financial goals, however if you miss program payments it will likely impact your ability to become debt free and pay off your credit card accounts within the estimated timeframe.

The Debt Relief Company Program is not available in all states across the United States and some debt accounts are not eligible to be included in The DRC program.

Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 8:00pm EST, Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm EST

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