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Grey line art of sunrise via a beach perspective.
Grey line art of sunrise via a beach perspective.

Take control of your finances
with a better debt relief company!

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Don’t let credit card debt steal your sunshine.

Cut your monthly payments in half while paying down debt 10 times quicker

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No up-front cost, ever

As a part of our guarantee, we work for free until we save you money off your debt.


Save now

We charge less in fees than every other major debt settlement company.


No results, no fees

If you don't save money on your unsecured debt, we will not charge you a dime!


One Easy Monthly Payment

We consolidate all your debts so you don't have to worry about multiple payments.


Start today

To see how much money you can start saving this month, call us at 888-344-0214.


No Credit Requirements

You are more than your credit. Our debt relief program has no credit requirements.

Take your first step towards financial freedom

It takes 30 seconds to schedule a consultation. Fill out our simple form and you'll be on your way

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Calculate your new monthly payment

How much total unsecured debt do you have?

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Total Savings
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Getting back on track with The Debt Relief Co.

Helping thousands of people become debt free.


This company is a God send...

After the pandemic… Now I have some money in savings and actually putting money into stocks.
- Stephanie Lorange

I sleep easier

Great customer service. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience. Javier was so helpful and I sleep easier every night knowing these guys are helping me.
- Samuel

Truly Grateful…

Over the past 2 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dino… Truly grateful and would highly recommend.
- Frank E.

Back on my feet...

Adem really took the time and dedication to explain the debt consolidation process, and financially help me get back on my feet.
- Michael Cacioppo

Went above and beyond...

Their availability and personable service was what kept me with them. They were always willing to answer any question.
- Steve Alvarado

By far the best debt relief...

They are by far the best debt relief company around! My financial consultant Adam is awesome.
- Nicole Santo

Extremely knowledgeable…

Extremely knowledgeable and empathetic towards your situation. They actually care about helping you pay off bad debt and clean up your finances!
- Jessica Baker

Glad I found them...

They are ethical, honest, reliable, dependable and actually caring... They have made a profound difference in my life.
- Myles Paulson

Best financial decision...

Using them is one of the best financial decisions I made in a long time. Really helpful company and always there to answer my questions and concerns.
- Hector Garcia
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